you had better wash your bowl

once i heard this teaching:

A monk told Joshu, “I have just entered the monastery. Please teach me.”
Joshu asked, “Have you eaten your rice porridge?
The monk replied, “I have eaten.”
Joshu said, “Then you had better wash your bowl.”
At that moment the monk was enlightened.

i had just put on my studio pants and folded my co-op pants pointed toward another late nite glaze session.  Dinah had licked my soup bowl clean clean and it was sitting in an empty sink = waiting to be washed. putting on my shoes – there was a ringing in the air – & finding the source – i shot the little video above – of a white bowl  a dripping faucet : ‘ nothing to see, nothing to hear, nothing to smell, nothing to taste, nothing to touch and nothing to think of ‘ .

loaded up on you tube i played it back – watched it – smiled – & then the  you tubes autoplayed me into the video below from a few years back & i let it.  the sound is not great – but at the 44 minute mark i talk a bit about form & peace & white glaze & character & courage.

i’ll take the nite off & glaze tomorrow. start early.


mostly white:

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